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I just wanted to remind you all that I have moved my blog to my web site.  Go to and click on the blog tab and register there if you still want to receive these by email.  I’m going to post this weeks here for you anyway, as we have a lot to deal with this week.  Robbie

Card for Week of April 15, 2013

Flower CardFor this week we have drawn the Flower card, with the meaning: Appreciation.  Today we watched some bad news on TV about Boston and it is really hard not to let events like that get us OUT of a state of appreciation.  But when I spoke to my friend Sandi on the phone, she reminded me that our goal is to not let something like that pull our energy down.  That doesn’t mean you don’t care.  That doesn’t mean you can’t shed a tear or two as I did that so much pain was caused by someone who must have been in pain himself.  So feel it, then turn to a flower…even a photo of one on the computer, and let the beauty lift you back up again.

There is so much “bad stuff” in the world but many of us believe that the best way to combat that stuff is to bring as much energy of a higher level to the planet as we can.  This is not an easy habit to get into.  There was a plan to build a HUGE quarry less than two miles for our home and we did our best to stop it for 8 years.  My challenge the whole 8 years was to keep my energy positive about it NOT happening instead of being angry about the possibility of it happening.  It nearly almost did get approved, but in the end, it is gone now…for good.  I appreciate that the situation gave me a great opportunity to “walk my talk” and not get negative about it all the time…just sometimes!  I made art sculptures in the back yard, I made a spiritual film and invited the “gods” to come to the mountain, along with many practical things like designing flyers to fund raising events etc.

So do the best you can today to send “light” to those poor folks in Boston.  Send them your own visual flower to lighten the burden on their hearts today.


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We Have Moved!

Our blog has moved to the Voice of the Soul web site and I won’t be making posts here any longer.  If you wish to receive these blogs every week, just go to the web site (, click on the blog link in the green grass at the top, then sign up on that page.  I truly hope you do enjoy these!


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Card for Week of December 17, 2012

Please note that I am moving my blog to my website,, so there will only be two more posts here.  Please go to the web site, go to the blog link, and sign up to receive the blog posts from there.  Now, here is this weeks message!

This week we have agaiValley Cardn drawn the Valley card, which holds the meaning: Comfort.  The purpose of these cards, and actually everything I do, is to encourage each of us to be our own adviser.  So when I tell you what these cards mean, it goes against what I am trying to help people learn to do for themselves.  Each of us has all our own answers, and drawing a card from this deck just helps you become more clear about things that you already know.

So this week, I will tell you what this card means for ME and then you decide what it means for you.  Better yet, if you don’t have a set, you can buy the set for your iPhone or iPad for $1.99 by searching the App store for Voice of the Soul Message Cards!  Or of course order a set from  Or use any deck of message cards that you may have.  So, on to what this means for me!

This year has held a lot of stress for me, some good and some challenging!  As I reached the end of the year, I was starting to feel like I “hadn’t done enough” and was running out of time as the year is almost over.  Then I had lunch with a good friend and she reminded me that my job at this moment in time is to “hold the light” as much as possible.  That meant I needed to turn off the worry part of myself and relax and, well, be comfortable with my life and myself!  I can pick up the pace in January again, but for now, for this time, I am to be very very content with life and what I have done with it.  After last weeks events, that is even harder, but I am glad I was already in this more positive mode….it made it possible to weather the storm and to help uplift others around me.

I hope this is a helpful message for you.  Let me know what this means to you!

Happy Holidays to all.


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Card for Week of December 10, 2012

Clear Blue SkyThis week we have drawn the Clear Blue Sky card.  The meaning is: Clarity!  If you have been unclear about a situation or observation, at this time it is coming into a more clear focus.  It may feel like you have just put on glasses that you needed for the first time, or like you are looking through a telescope. If there is something you have been trying to decide what to do about, now might be a good time to make that decision.

This week we will experience 12/12/12.  Talk about things being brought into focus!  This is an awesome and powerful time to be here on this beautiful planet. This card can also mean that it is a good time to go outside and take a look at the sky, at the sun, at the stars at night if you can see them where you are.  Notice how the sun shines through the leaves in the trees.  If it is snowing outside, look for the beautiful crystals that can form on your windows. Look for the bright and shiny places in your life.  There are always some of those if you look for them.

Have a truly wonderful and “clear” week!  If you think of it, go to and click on the blog link.  In the near future, all the blog posts will be made from there so be sure to sign up to receive these blogs from there.

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cards-tall2:cards/tallThis week we have drawn the horse card.  The meaning for this card is “Appropriate Time, Movement”.  This reminds us that we shouldn’t be measuring the pace of our progress or the progress of a project we are working on by the progress someone else is making.  Trust that you are moving at just the right pace.  We are reminded that a plow horse can’t win a race, and a race horse can’t pull much of a load…but they are both indeed horses and magnificent at that.

The other thing this card brings to mind is that the horse can be a symbol of inner support.  As we have evolved technically, we need the physical support of horses less and less, at least in the industrialized world. But they can still symbolize the support of our own inner guidance system, our own support system that is there at all times, ready to serve.  That system doesn’t judge the pace of progress, but is always there ready to help “pull your load” when asked.

The world is seeming a little “frantic” these days with “fiscal cliffs” hanging over our heads and the stress of holidays upon us.  If you start to feel that, just take a moment and ask your inner guidance to “pace the race” for you.  Just do what you can every day and know that you are doing ALL that you can…all that is appropriate.

Have a GREAT week everyone, and if you haven’t already, go to to receive these blog posts from there!

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Card for Week of November 26, 2012

This weekly blog is moving to my web site, so please go there and register to keep receiving your blog posts there!!!!!!


This week we have drawn the Lush Green Grass card, which means: Success.  I know it isn’t always to FEEL that way if the evidence around you doesn’t support that, as I experienced last weekend.

There is so much financial chaos and stress in the world right now, and of course some of that is personal.  So yesterday, after all the trappings of Thanksgiving dinner were put away, and I was left to my own thoughts, I was really having trouble shaking a sense of anxiety.  So I did things that I know make me feel good, like reading a great book in the sunshine, and then getting in the COLD pool and doing aquarobics.  And then I got a phone call from a girlfriend inviting me to her monthly women’s group.  I went to that gathering and felt so much support and got so much great advice about opening to success instead of focusing on what not had yet manifested that it shifted my energy into a GREAT place.

Then wouldn’t you know it, I got a phone call first thing this morning from another friend about some new people that are really interested in my products!  Actually, they just LOVED them!  So sometimes your friends or family can help “lift up” your spirits to make the “success” energy flow around you again.  And sometimes you do that FOR your friends.  So do something wonderful for yourself or a friend today or all this week, and feel how uplifting someone else gives you a boost too!

It’s all good!

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This week we have drawn the Butterfly card.  This is the week to be social for sure! Sometimes being around certain people that you are OBLIGATED to be around at this special holiday can be taxing, but no matter what, try to keep the conversations uplifting.  If you just love to pieces everyone who will be gathered around the banquet, all the better!

I am thankful for so very many things this Thanksgiving.  First, the Pechanga band of Indians announced that they were able to purchase the  Pu’eska Mountain.  We have been trying not to refer to it as the possible site of Liberty Quarry, and now that name goes away, as does the potential disaster the quarry would have been for all of us in the valley.


Second, I am proud to announce that the revised Voice of the Soul website is complete (!  Now the blog and the products are all in one location!  I won’t be posting on this WordPress location any more, so if you want to keep being notified when I make a post, please go to the blog page there and register again.  And while you are there, please look at the WONDERFUL new products I have just released to help you get in touch with your higher voice!  Time to shop for Christmas presents for yourself and family and friends!  Spread the word! Go to:

And of course I am thankful for my wonderful husband and dogs, the beautiful weather, all my wonderful new friends, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!  Just not room here to celebrate how happy and grateful I am!  I hope you all feel the same way! Love and Light to you all, Robbie

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