Hello world!

Squirrel Card

Hello friends.  Please use this space to share your experiences with your fellow soul travelers!  Every week I will draw a card as a general message for those who will read the blog this week.  For our first draw, we got the Squirrel card.  I look forward to hearing how you all react to this card for this week in your life!  Talk to us!  Robbie



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7 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Sam Alexander

    I was composing an email to you as your blog announcement arrived – good timing!

  2. Sam Alexander

    I’m afraid I may have spent a bit too much time being a squirrel.

  3. I think this card is so apt- I feel like a squirrel lately, organizing my seeds and beans for sprouting and on another level, looking at old outdated investments that never performed- so it’s all about good quality food and security. Spending some time doing things like that gives one some security, which allows me to then be freer, knowing there has been some attention paid to them. So right on, Mr. Squirrel!

  4. Donnita

    I love to squirrel, hate to waste, love to get the most value out of things and am happy to give away those “perfectly good” things that I can’t use.

    I am grateful for the energy of this new book and for this blog to help us to get the most out of it. I guess that’s some squirrelin right there!

  5. Susan

    I just wish that there were more rainy days here, with thunder!

  6. Everything is about rhythm. We spend time outwardly fouced and then go inward. The squirrel reminds me to be sessitive to that in and out movement.
    Gail Dimitroff

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