Card for the week of Feb 1, 2010

Dog CardHello again friends!  For this week, I drew the dog card. It would seem that for the next seven days we are to observe loyalty, laughter, devotion and love in those around us.  Yes, even laughter.  I KNOW I have seen smiles on the faces of my dogs!  Also we are advised to BE a loyal and loving friend for those we care about.  See how good it makes them feel and also see how that good feeling bounces back to you.

What card did you draw this week?



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3 responses to “Card for the week of Feb 1, 2010

  1. I think I know this dog. He is enthusiastic, loyal and loving. He can also sit quietly and enjoy the family when that is appropriate. What a nice image.It comforts me just ot see his face. Gail

  2. I drew the rose! Appreciation. That’s a good one, but this week I completely feel like it should be a card for accomplishing and finishing projects, which I’m doing…so I will appreciate myself for getting things that I’ve been wanting to get done…done! It feels good!

  3. I love the art on the cards. I too agree with Gail, looking at the dog especially his eyes brings comfort.

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