Card for the week of Mar 1, 2010

Puppy Card
We could all use some optimism…puppy like joy about all that is good in our lives. Since we have become a global family, the media tells us about troubles our “relatives” are having around the world…especially with these major earthquakes and wars. The three big news stories today are the earthquakes, the Olympics, and the difficulties our leaders are having solving the health care issue (in the United States that is). I believe the puppy like attitude would be to celebrate the Olympics and feel that joy. The other stories deserve our attention and what ever action we feel we must take, but our hearts can celebrate with the Olympians!
Try to contemplate this for the next week at least. There is great value to your health and well being to focus on the fun stuff. It is the most powerful thing you can do to keep yourself strong, productive, and of course happy! Allow more pure positive energy to flow TO you and THROUGH you! Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Card for the week of Mar 1, 2010

  1. That’s certainly the card that everyone needs now. There is so much bad news, violent and demeaning TV shows/commercials out there that warp our minds and teach us that we must persevere and fight on. That allows others to manipulate us and to depend on them for our happiness and salvation. But tell that to a puppy or any animal for that matter.

    But to get to that place of inborn happiness and still not live in a bubble fantasy land of denial that there certainly are things that do need fixing, one has to go through several layers. And that requires one to just STOP, be still and let the fear hit. Then when you discover you’re still basically fine, then next the boredom hits. That’s the hardest part because we are trained to look outward to exciting and heroic situations. And if one can still make it through the boredom phase, then the happiness comes up now and then but not consistently, as we are still bombarded by external and internal doubts and fears. That’s when we REALLY need this puppy card to keep us in tune with our quiet place that reminds us why can’t we be like this puppy? Who is really stopping us? Is it not ourselves?

  2. Wes

    NICE! I can go with that!

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