Card for week of Mar 22, 2010

It is not uncommon to draw the same card several times in a row. This card, the horse card, was our draw on Feb 5, and here it is again….should we all be working on patience? I have been watching the live steaming of an owl sitting on her eggs and pondering how patience she is, but then I am judging that situation as if she were a human. Some people “chatting” at the site have expressed impatience at how long it is taking for those eggs to hatch, only one has broken through so far. This could not be a better example about learning that things go at the pace they are supposed to. Owls have been doing this for thousands of years, and each new owl just seems to know what to do. Yesterday we went to Lake Hodges and I watched some beautiful birds on the water. A man and his wife said they were Western Grebes. Google them and you can see how beautiful they are. He said it was their mating season and I watched a pair as they both laid their heads and necks to the side on the water at the same time, just for a split second, over and over again. With their long necks, together they made a heart shape. Being out in nature, observing it without imposing human personality overlays, is a very calming experience. It is spring, new life is sprouting everywhere (except where we still have snow around the country!), spend a little time this week pondering the pace of nature, and of course the pace of your own life. Enjoy. By the way, the owl is available to watch at


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One response to “Card for week of Mar 22, 2010

  1. Helen

    I look at that card and I see the plowhorse, going at a nice steady pace. Yes, that racehorse is doing what it wants to do, but it must be that I’m identifying to a slower pace this month.

    Thanks for reminding me Robbie that it’s all right to do so and to want to do so. I, like everyone else, forget the natural ebb and flow of fast and slow and think that we have to do a certain amount of “productivity” each and every day.

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