Card for week of Mar 29, 2010

Mountain Card
I love drawing this card. It indicates that all those “invisible” elements in our lives are lined up in harmony with each other to “pave the way” for successful achievements this week. To do that, you have to first be clear about what you want to achieve, then see, feel, experience it as accomplished. We are in a period of history where we are learning to manifest our dreams. Practice time. When we try and fail, we tend to stop believing that this is so…but it is so. Just look at how much material there is in popular media these days about exactly that. And the “apparent” world we live in is creating ever more inspiration to make things better. So ponder this week what it is that you really really want to make happen. It is a great time to do so!


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One response to “Card for week of Mar 29, 2010

  1. Helen

    Love the illustration! It reminds me of the Greek gods on Mt. Olympus- except of course we need to remember (and I keep forgetting) that we are all Creator-God Beings ourselves!

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