Card for week of Mar 5, 2010

Turtle Card
Drawing this card reminds us that we ARE making steady progress, slow but steady, sure but steady. Sometimes we are anxious to see big results from our progress and need it to prove to ourselves that we are making progress at all. This is not a week to take measurements. This is a week to KNOW that you are progressing with a solid and stable strength. Also know that this progress is enduring, not like yo-yo dieting that most of us have experienced, were we loose 5 pounds and then find 10 more. Progress this week is solid and enduring. Steady as she goes!


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One response to “Card for week of Mar 5, 2010

  1. Helen

    It is so funny- this Saturday I felt drawn to these tiny red turtle earrings and wanted to buy them for this reminder alone. I’m not an earring wearer anymore. I did not buy them, but at a little store in Los Angeles I see the same exact red turtle earrings again! Then today I see your turtle card! I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something. Yep, steady as she goes!

    Thank you Robbie.

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