Card for week of April 19, 2010

Sail Boat Card
Hello all! Sorry for the delay this week, but just as this card indicates, sometimes we really have to go with the flow! I am traveling and my computer forgot to speak over a wire, she can only do wireless! I didn’t have access wireless for a couple of days and now I only have 5 minutes left of battery power!!!!! So, this is going with the flow! See what this card means to you this week. We have just been “on the water” on ferry boats a lot this week so of course it makes sense for ME that we would have this card. Let me know if it makes sense for you too! Oh, 4 minutes left! Better post now. Have a great week everyone!


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One response to “Card for week of April 19, 2010

  1. That’s a beautiful picture and very appropriate lately for me as I feel a bit burdened by everyone lately – it reminds me to change into a light sailboat and let the Universal Wind guide me more instead of being this heavy freight liner doggedly heading towards a goal of “helping everyone”. A lightness can certainly get through crowded obstacles a lot better instead of scraping along in my heavy boat. Thanks for the reminder Robbie.

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