Card for week of April 26, 2010

I am always surprised by this process. Here we have yet ANOTHER repeating card! The Mountain, illustrated by Ryoichi Yotsumoto, indicates this is a good time to achieve your goals. First of course you have to know what your goals ARE. They can be simple, such as “no sugar this week”. Or they can be grand, such as writing an amazing poem…or learning to fly an airplane! So give that some thought. What do you want to do with this precious lifetime you have manifested.
Last Saturday we said good bye to Ryoichi, the illustrator of this card. He “climbed many mountains” in his nearly 50 years with us. Perhaps it was his hand that drew this card today, reminding each of us how important what we do and say is. Set your sights high this week, I think Ryo is helping us all.


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One response to “Card for week of April 26, 2010

  1. Helen

    It is so funny that about 30 minutes before I sat down to view my email of the day, I had set a goal for myself that for 30 days I was going to limit myself to certain oils in food. I already do not eat gluten and processed white sugar so that cuts out a lot of breads, cookies, pasta etc but lately I have been eating corn chips- definitely NOT good oils there and fried to boot! I decided the oils that are beneficial for me with no sacrifice in taste was coconut and olive oils, organic and unrefined.

    So I guess the Universe is a great support for this! Thank you Robbie.

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