Card for week of May 3, 2010

Owl Card
It is interesting that we drew this card this week as we have been watching the owl with her babies hatch and grow on a live video feed from San Marcos, CA.
It has been an amazing experience to watch the interaction between the babies and the parents. The mother hovering over her eggs, keeping them warm with her wings was just awesome.
It is important to remember, however, that the animals on the Voice of the Soul cards are only symbolic. We tend to overlay human emotions on animals as we observe them, which makes them somehow less than they really are. The symbolism of the owl card is that we all have the ability to see “into the dark” of any situation. That is, read what is not on the surface. The owl is a very effective hunter in the dark, and we can develop great skill at “hunting information” that isn’t obvious. We can do it without being intrusive AND we can be wise with the information we uncover. So if you run into a situation this week that doesn’t make sense on the surface, ask your higher self to help you “see” what is really going on. Wisdom is always a good thing!


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  1. Helen

    The last line is truly applicable to what happened today. When people ask for my opinion or advice, I can usually say anything and it’s usually received quite well, even surprising me quite often. But when it comes to my own family, specifically my husband, I connected with a small fruit tree about to be planted quite unexpectedly as I looked at it. Well it is my husband’s project and I blurted out “That tree just told me that it want the hole deeper!” and boy was that a mistake. He huffed and puffed and said it was too hard to dig into the hard soil that we have and what did I know about planting trees anyway? and on and on. Well, that started him being upset with me so when I made another comment, it really got things going. So as we later sorted it out he told me it was not what I said but the way I said it- like a command. Well, it was, but from the tree and I was just the messenger. But he didn’t hear it or feel it that way. So therefore I obviously did not do the last part of what the card said: that is, NOT graciously. I will have to be more careful next time.

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