Card for week of May 17, 2010

Well here we are AGAIN for the third time this year with our Horse card! There must be something more we need to get from this image, this symbol. One thought is to be OK with the pace things are moving in our lives and not compare ourselves, our progress, with others. That is too easy to do in these strange economic times when people seem to be randomly “hit” when they thought their lives were solid as a rock. The truth is, we all have the stability of the work horse within us, despite what appears to be going on outside us or happening “to” us. Someone told me once when I was dealing with the death of my mother that I was like a “big black stallion” and that I had the capacity to carry the emotional load with ease. I often think of that when something is challenging me. I AM strong and so is your inner soul. So think of YOUR inner horse this week. Are you a young colt prancing in your new body or are you the magnificent mare watching over the colt….or the stallion watching over the whole heard? Enjoy the process of finding out!


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