Card for week of July 19, 2010

Flower Bulb Card
I find the flower bulb one of the most amazing demonstrations of manifestation. Think about it. It starts as a funny brown lump and transforms itself into a beautiful flower, again and again! It doesn’t take much, just a little soil, sunshine, and water. Is it possible for you to think of your ideas in the same way? First you must put aside all past experiences when things did not manifest as you would have liked them to. If the flower bulb pondered all the times a bulb failed…then it would just give up before it even started to sprout. So try to think of each new idea you have with a fresh start. There may have been many reasons for previous failures…or non-starts. But they DID start…with you…from within you. For this week, try to support any ideas you may have with the faith that this time, just this time, you may be able to really manifest them. Don’t let the fear of failure stop the blossoming before it even begins. See how much farther you can get each time you try!



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3 responses to “Card for week of July 19, 2010

  1. This week an idea came to be about some one in my life who is a bully. Because I try to be loving to all, this presented me with a problem. But then I invoked my teacher and an idea came, just like a little seed. Next day I took action and all was resoved by group action in 20 minutes.

  2. Wes

    This one reminds me of when I was young and full of self doubt. Then YOU would say something like this to show me another way of thinking. It is why I still make artwork to this day.
    Thank you Robbie. I DO listen!

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