Card or week of July 26, 2010

Lizard Card
Oh how I love this card! When I first painted it, I asked my friend Ryoichi if it was too scary looking. He said “No, he looks strong and like someone I want on my side!” So here he is, meant to be eating up all the fears that pop into your head this week!
Funny thing is that just yesterday I was trying to totally relax, floating around in my pool, enjoying a perfectly beautify day, reading a book by Alberto Villoldo called “The Four Insights”. He says that the opposite side of Light is not anger but rather fear. And of course, in Western Civilization we have a HUGE fear of the devil! Many centuries ago some people trying to keep the money flowing to the church really played up that fear and taught that it was arrogant to contact God directly (no money would change hands that way). Understanding the motivations behind that belief system might help ease any fears you might have of that direct contact and enable you to “risk” learning to listen directly to your own higher self. It is time my friends….it is time. I do believe there is evil in the world, but as long as you always say “for the highest good of all” when you are doing this kind of communication, evil can’t get involved! Not allowed!
So this week, try to be aware when you are feeling fear (most of the time we aren’t even aware that we are in fear when we are), ask your little buddy to help you chase the negative thoughts away! He will love the opportunity!


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