Card for week of August 9, 2010

Dog Card
It is interesting to me that I drew this card for us this morning because the interpretation is different than I would have thought. I am coming to realize more and more how important it is that we all learn to really take the time to listen to our own higher self, our own, if you will, Divine self. This set of cards is one way but there are many. The point is that we all need to find a way to hear the voice, to learn to listen to what It has to say. The Dog is the PERFECT symbol of our higher self. It will sit and wait patiently, ready to serve you, no questions asked. It will never walk away to find someone else to serve. It will wait like a dog waiting for you to throw it a bone. It will risk it’s own comfort to save you. It doesn’t judge you but rather provides unconditional love, 24/7. You are the ONLY one that can communicate with it. No religious leader, no fortune teller, no adviser of any kind…it is just up to you. So take a moment this week and “throw your Divine Dog” a bone. He’s waiting and will be forever.


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