Card for week of August 16, 2010

Fire Card
This card indicates it perhaps time to look around at what we have cluttering our lives and evaluate what is supporting us and what has just become clutter that slows us down. We have lived in this house for over 7 years and I have been saving my Sunset magazines for much longer than that. The older ones were all organized in magazine boxes in the garage. When I realized I hadn’t TOUCHED them in 7 years, I decided it was time for them to go to recycle land and be transformed into something new…paper with NEW information on it. In this digital age, ALL the information I need is available to me in a much more search-able format than flipping through dusty old magazines. I’ll keep the most recent ones of course, but the world is updating itself so rapidly now that even landscaping ideas from 12 years ago aren’t as valuable any more.
That is just ONE example of what we can do to streamline our lives. We are bombarded with so much more information these days that we need to streamline clutter where ever we can…to make room for new ideas to bud forth. We all need to find some peaceful time to listen to the delicate higher self voice. If cleaning out clutter helps do that, then it is a very good thing to do…more important than anything that was in those old Sunset magazines!
Don’t let the old stuff own your ability to hear your highest voice.


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