Card for week of September 13, 2010

Loving Heart
For many years I have tried to live the belief that if I am pushing against something/someone that I am angry about or opposed to, I am giving it my energy…taking energy from myself and giving it to them. It is not an easy belief to live with all the time, but I do my best because I believe it to be a truth. Sometimes, if you are really attached to something that happened or to someone who “did you wrong”, you can’t just ignore it/them. You have to be proactive and FORGIVE them. Use the experience as a spring board to know better what you WANT by being clear about what you don’t want more of in your life. From your higher self, you can understand this person or thing is playing a role, doing the best they can for themselves. Thank them for helping you identify yet another specific that you don’t want around you, really thank them for being that actor on your stage, then let them/it go. It will heal that cold spot in your heart and make room for some love to replace it…and it feels really really good.


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