Card for week of November 1, 2010

I am never surprised but always delighted when I draw a card that is just so perfectly appropriate. In the last few days, I have learned of three families loosing dogs that they were very close to. Two were so old and ill that they had to be “put down” as we say. The third lost a battle with coyotes, but at 15+, what a way to go. So, as a balance to that painful loss, I just happened to draw the Puppy card for all of us. There is nothing like the exuberance, that pure positive energy of a puppy. But dogs don’t live nearly as long as we do so when we connect with a puppy, we know in the end we are going to have to disconnect…but do we really every disconnect? I think not. Our dog Jack reminds me of the dog we got when I was 2 years old. His name was Rags and he lived to be 18. So is he still with me? I guess so. Look around for things this week that are that positive in your life and give thanks that you have them. Gratitude for positive energy around you is as good as it gets!


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One response to “Card for week of November 1, 2010

  1. Val

    Thank you Robbie. Your card and talking with you have really helped me feel better.

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