Card for Week of November 15, 2010

Today I drew for all of us the card Lush Green Grass. It is an indicator that we are either having success and should enjoy it or need to feel success in order that we can attract it.

This week, for the very first time I took my iPad out to my medicine wheel, got in alignment there, and drew this card ON MY IPAD! Yes, as of last week, eleven years of this project is now available on the most current technology. Voice of the Soul is available as an iPad/iPhone app!

Here is a photo of my small, one person wheel. The irony to me is that many ancient cultures made wheel shapes to connect with their God. When I go there, I center myself by acknowledging to the South all things Material, to the North all things in Spirit (for the highest and best good of all), to the West all time past this exact moment, and to the East, all time that is my future, from this moment on.

You don’t need a special place to do this, but it is valuable to know that how you feel, what you are thinking in this moment is very very powerful. This week, give this alignment a try and see how it feels to you. That is really all that matters. And then look around for success in your life!


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One response to “Card for Week of November 15, 2010

  1. Jean Pruitt

    Thanks Robbie. We get that card quite often. thanks for the pix of your medicine wheel. We got crystals from a crystal mine in Ark so we can make a wheel also. We have the space for it. We shall do that. We also have a crystal for you so want to see you soon. We are settled in at Meadowbrook now and it feels good.

    Love you,


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