Card for Week of November 29, 2010

Squirrel Card

This week we have drawn the Squirrel card. We haven’t drawn this one since January of this year. For me, I have to be really careful this time of year because I want to give as many gifts to as many people as I possibly can. The lesson for me is to learn that they don’t NEED the gifts from me, especially if they know I am going deeper in to debt to give. They will like/love me anyway. So this holiday season I am thinking of small and thoughtful things I can share. I love the feeling of joy gifts can bring, but that same joy can be “given” with gifts from the heart. I know the economy generally will benefit by our spending money, but I also feel that we have all changed a bit from the recession and don’t NEED as much stuff as we once thought we did. So that is our message this week. Try to keep a little more money in the bank this season, not out of fear of “not enough”, but rather out of the wisdom of finding a new way to give to those you care about.



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