Card for Week of January 17, 2011

Sail Boat Card
This week we have drawn to our attention the Sail Boat Card. It is asking us to pay extra attention to “shifts in the winds” of things happening in our lives. I have been reading a lot about great leaders lately, and generally they are decisive and forceful in following through with their decisions. But sometimes, if they are wise, they will be willing to alter their formally firm plans because something in the situation has changed or evolved. Sometimes will power can get us into trouble in the manifestation process if we don’t pay attention to subtle shifts in energy. So this week, be decisive but flexible at the same time. A great skill possessed by great leaders and wise people generally. But do remember to have fun with it!


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One response to “Card for Week of January 17, 2011

  1. diane

    This is so wise. Making decisions and looking at all options and how to go about it. This is exactly what I’m going through…although it will need to carry me for more than just a week. Thanks Robbie.

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