Card for Week of March 7, 2010

This week we have drawn the card “Crossing the Water” for us to ponder. This concept is one of the reasons I was inspired to create this deck of cards, this collection of images so long ago. In the I-Ching, crossing the water has to do with expansion of consciousness. When I read it in the 70’s, it was a symbol I could understand as I can relate to how deep, vast, and unknown a large body of water is…and how that is really what our consciousness also is. As western thinkers, we tend to think of knowledge as a collection of facts and figures we have been exposed to in our lives…but real knowledge is so much more vast than that. All we have to do is be open to it, to let go of the idea that our mind can know all there is to know in our consciousness.

Think of the mind as a computer terminal that we use to access the mega super processor that is our broader perspective. Awesome! Ponder what this means to you this week, and share with us all if you are so inspired!


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