Card for Week of March 21, 2011

This week we have drawn the Horse card…which explains why I’m so slow in posting this week! I was not a thoroughbred yesterday. I’ve had some medical questions hanging and got a great answer today…so NOW I will start racing through life a little faster. But while sitting in traffic for 1 hour 45 minutes this morning it was helpful to realize that I wasn’t in a race…that traffic, with me in it, was moving at the pace that it was supposed to. It is hard to remember when you are waiting to pull out into traffic on a side street and the car in front seems to be taking forever…it’s not a race! I had the gift of seeing a rainbow on my long drive…and the doctor I saw this morning happened to see the same rainbow….and my news was good. So you can’t TELL me I wasn’t going at just the right pace today. Try to pay attention this week to the pace of things and be comfortable with what ever it is. Race if it feels right, slow down if that feels right…just work on feeling for the right pace.


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