Sail Boat CardThis week we have drawn the Sail Boat card.  I believe what we are asked to do this week is to turn back to our inner/higher voice often as we move through the week.  Our “logical” minds are taught that, when we get an idea or a brainstorm, we should turn it over to our ego or will to bring it into reality.  However sometimes we need to stop pushing and take another listen.  Of course, our thoughts are what make things happen, make things manifest, but now we are asked to make sure our thoughts are the highest and best they can be.  Listen, then think, then listen, then think.  Learning to master this process is nothing short of developing great wisdom.  The more of us that develop the wisdom of our higher voices, the more smoothly things will go for ALL of humanity.  You are not turning your power over to someone else, you are learning to listen to the highest part of YOU.


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