Card for Week of May 30, 2011

Lizard CardThis week we have drawn the Lizard Spirit card. So it seems we need to ask our higher selves for help in regards to fears this week.  Many people are afraid of lizards themselves, and if that is the case with you, perhaps you can ask your higher self for a different symbol to get you started with this process.  The idea is that we have many fears that are unnecessary and drain us of our energy.  Worry is another word for it. The “What if this or than happens” about things in the future…total waste of your energy.

Planning is different.  Planning starts with a vision of a positive outcome which allows you to generate ideas for steps to achieve that vision.  In the case of fears, the “fear vision” has not happened yet and most likely never will happen.  Many times we are not even aware of the “fear” that is causing a general feeling of anxiety.

So what positive steps can you take?  First ask for help that is for the highest good of all and the highest joy for you (that recent “joy” addition came from Marilyn Harper).  Then ask to have help removing the negative energy from your energy field.  If you happened to see the farewell Oprah show, she talked about the energy each of us brings into a room.  The cleaner your energy field, the better you will be received and the less likely you will be to find a “match” for that negative energy.

So this week we are to do energy field housecleaning, whether you use the image of the lizard or not.  Ask for help from a source you trust, be that an angel, a Native American symbol, or your own higher self.  You are in control of your life so you can not receive help unless you ask.  It is your choice, and a joyful one to make!


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