Card for Week of June 13, 2011

This week we have drawn the Crossing the Water card. This one is most difficult for the Western mind to understand but it can be a really important aspect of our growth process.  In some cultures, the water is the symbol for consciousness.  It is deep, mysterious, and can’t be viewed all at once.  Water is the source of all life.  Some believe it is also the recorder of all of life’s experiences.  So crossing it means that you are essentially “exploring” it, exploring the unlimited possibilities of your thoughts, of your potentials, or of your understanding of some aspect of  life.

You may ask what value this is, this exploring of unknown territory of your self, of your soul.  It is like trying to get out of a box when the instructions are on the outside of the box.  You won’t know the value or the importance to you until you find the treasure.  It may not even be a huge thing.  It may be a small thing and spending a little time doing this might be what is important.  Sit and meditate in your own way and ask to have your horizons expanded.  Be sure to ask first for the highest and best good for all.  Then enjoy your journey!


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