Card for Week of June 20, 2011

Owl CardThis week we have drawn the Owl card. There is a lot of symbology connected with the owl, but here the symbol is of the ability to see deeply into the darkness, to see where there is no light…to see what others do not see.  This sometimes requires taking your personality out of a situation, and drawing on your larger, wiser self, your soul vision.  You know how to do it.  You have done it before.  This week pay attention to practicing getting into that meditative state of calm awareness.

Once you believe you see clearly, it is important not to impose what you see on others as “the truth”.  Be a wise owl, not a wise a__!  Often times people aren’t really willing to hear a different version of their perception of a situation, so treat your information with kid gloves.  Like the mother owl that sits on her eggs and waits and waits.  Sometimes those eggs hatch and grow to be full sized birds, and sometimes they don’t.  But the mother owl sits and sits anyway, and will do it year after year, no matter the result.  The important thing is your attention to developing your ability to “see”.  Enjoy the process!


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