Card for Week of July 18, 2011

This week we have drawn the Gratitude card. Many of us have been experiencing extra challenges recently.  That is the time that it is most important to remember and practice the attitude of gratitude!  It is an attitude that can serve you well and lift your energy up a notch or two…or ten!

It is really very simple.  There is ALWAYS something to appreciate in your life, no matter how small.  It doesn’t mean that by focusing on that, you are ignoring the challenges in front of you.  It simply means that you will be able to deal with them with more and better quality energy.

It is simple and it is free, but it only works if you DO it!  Try making a list today or this week of things that are good in your life.  They could be very simple things, such as a car letting you in while merging into a new lane.  Could be big like a friend calling you to see how you are doing.  Could be a flower growing up in a crack in the sidewalk!  In any case, make an effort this week to observe those positive things and be grateful for them.  Then see how it makes YOU feel…see if you don’t start to pay forward good feelings instead of anger or hurt or pain or sadness.  You may have heavy burdens right now and you may not feel a huge change at first, but you are sending the stream in the right direction…and eventually you will feel it, especially if you keep on with the practice!  Enjoy and feel good, OK?


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