Card for Week of August 1, 2011

Lizard CardThis week we have again drawn the Lizard card.  So it seems we have more work to do in the area of ridding our whole selves of fears that have no place in our lives.  The last time we drew this was May 30th.  Much happened in our own lives after that date that were hard to deal with, but they had nothing to do with the things I worry about!  So you see, fear of the unknown serves no purpose at all anymore.  It is a long used survival technique, but now is the time to shift our consciousness into creating what we want in our lives, not fearing what MIGHT happen to us.

After all, from our most primitive times, planning for things that could go wrong kept us alive.  Things like “what if we run out of food” cause people to go out and hunt when they didn’t feel like it.  “What if a tiger comes in the night to eat us” caused us to continually improve our dwellings from that of the cave man.

But now we are at the crossroad between ages.  There are a lot of droughts in the world right now, in Africa and here in the USA.  But worry about that wouldn’t have stopped mother nature from flooding some areas and stopping rain in other areas.  We are learning to develop our visualization skills now and THAT can make a difference in the world.  I met a woman 2 years ago from Sudan.  She has lived most her life surviving in one of the worst places in the world, and now has been lucky to get to a safer place.  But here is the story about the region:

Yet the correspondence we are getting for her she promises she is still working towards PEACE in her homeland!  THAT is a woman who is not frozen in fear, but remaining positive that she CAN and WILL make a difference.  By comparison, our worries, our fears, are for the most part miniscule.  As he says in the article, link above, “And pray to whatever goddesses and gods you’re in touch with” to help these fellow humans on the other side of the globe.  Prayers are more powerful than guns in this new age!

So this week, ask for help to identify and delete fears that don’t serve you, and in fact can cause you physical “dis ease”.  Oh, and have some fun too will you please!  A good laugh goes a long way in making you feel better and less fearful!


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