Card for Week of August 15, 2011

Eagle CardThis week we have drawn the Eagle card.  When I think of the man who created this art, Andy, he IS an Eagle in so many ways.  I met him because we were all hang glider pilots in the early days, but Andy really put one together with bamboo and plastic…because he really wanted to fly!

The most important message to me about the Eagle card is a reminder that we can at any time “fly above the fray” and see what is going on for us with a broader vision.  If you feel yourself getting wound up about some detail or small action that is getting WAY too much of your attention, think of the Eagle flying up out of it into the cool high breeze and looking down to see how small and unimportant that little thing is…that thing that is OWNING you for the moment!

I have fallen into a funny rhythm in the last few weeks and have not been making my post consistently on Mondays.  There have been a lot of changes in our lives so I haven’t been as consistent…but I let go of that detail and get the messages to you, even if late.  I do apologize and trust that things are working out just as they are supposed to.   Yesterday we had yet another hearing with the Riverside County Planning Commission about a proposed quarry that a huge company wants to build right by our house…and on sacred Native American land.  We view this magnificent mountain of granite from our house and it became sacred to me long before we know about this proposed quarry and about it being the place of the Pechanga creation story.  Yesterday morning the moon was still in the sky when the sun came up, and eventually set right behind our beautiful mountain.  I’m inserting a series of photos of that here too.  Taking time to capture that magical moment and then spending the day attending the hearing is why the post didn’t get made yesterday.  It felt it was the “eagle like” thing to do.  I hope you agree.  Have a great week, soaring above all the pesky details!



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3 responses to “Card for Week of August 15, 2011

  1. Dale

    Truly inspirational!

    • After writing this I started listening to Adrionnda’s 8/11/11 message I just recieved…and it is about “Raising Yourself Above the Distraction”…so I guess we all need to be aware of this right now!

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