Card for Week of Septmeber 12, 2011

Dog CardThis week we have drawn the Dog card.  Even if you aren’t a dog lover, you have to appreciate the unbelievable loyalty and love they show to those humans with whom they have bonded.  We lost a special dog a couple of months ago, but had already adopted a third dog, so the remaining two dogs follow me around all day, up and down the stairs to my office, like the pack that we are.  How lucky I am to have these two beings of pure love at my side all day.  That is one of the biggest benefits of not working in a corporate office!

So how can we learn from these wonderful beings.  I would not suggest blind devotion to authority figures…those are falling all around us these days.  But we can learn unconditional love for other beings from them.  There is a big difference.  We can hold onto control of our destinies, but still hold positive thoughts in our hearts along the way.  Our task is to remain positive, but also keep the “wool from our eyes” about people and organizations around us, people and organizations that have an agenda we may not see, but can certainly sense.

Our biggest loyalty should be to our own higher selves.  That is the most trusted source for each of us.  The challenge of course is to learn to listen to that higher self.  There are as many ways to do that as there are people, so you must find you own way.  These cards are designed to work as a gateway in, and there are many such gateways.  Just remember to always ask to be guided to the highest and best good of all and for the most joy for yourself.  That is the best way to safely move into this uncharted territory!

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2 responses to “Card for Week of Septmeber 12, 2011

  1. Interesting eyes in that illustration – they tell the story, and more.

  2. That’s our Smokey…now 15 and still healthy, despite some physical difficulties. He is one amazing guy!

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