Card for Week of September 26, 2011

Lizard CardThis week we have drawn the Lizard Spirit card.  This is all about help with our fears, especially the ones we are not even aware of.  I imagine the lizard sitting on my shoulder, snatching the “flies” of unseen fears that are floating around my head.  I don’t have to even know what they are, I just need to know that, if I ASK for help with these kinds of things, I will receive it.

You are asking for you intuition to open to your higher self, your soul.  You are asking for those who look out for you for help.  They might be Christian Angels or they might be Native American spirit animals.  It is most important for us to ALL know that we ALL have helpers, helpers you can trust, but you must always ask for help “for the highest and best good of all, and for the greatest joy for myself”.

The news media makes it their job to keep us “afraid” so we will keep listening to them and buy the products they advertise!  The time is now for each of us to make our own, direct connections with sources we will learn to trust over time, if we don’t already.

I saw a dear friend last Saturday and immediately started crying out my bottled up current fears.  She comforted me and made all the fears go away…they weren’t real, they were in my imagination…so sometimes those “helpers” take the form of good friends, right here with you.

Enjoy the week, fear free, and perhaps even being a voice of reason for one of your dear friends.


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