Card for Week of October 17, 2011

This week we have drawn the Fire Card again!  It seems we have more pruning to do.  If a forest is left untouched by mankind, every so often it allows itself a good fire to clean out the old wood and let some sunshine in to create new and fresh growth.  As we go through our lives, we collect and cherish an awful lot of stuff, and sometimes the “stuff” starts to own us instead of us owning it.

I have always loved books and buy them compulsively.  I’m not about to totally give up that habit, but I now do my reading on my iPad.  I have taken to reading LONG books, thousand page books, and they are so much easier to carry around in iPad form than when printed on paper.  I will always love real books, but find this new way of reading lighter and easier.  I am lightening the burden of maintaining my physical home by just a bit, but it is a good start.

As a graphic designer, I used to have to keep large folders with art boards for my clients that took up a lot of space that I had to pay rent on to maintain … forever … in case they wanted them again!  Now, I just back up the digital art work onto a hard drive and, if there were a fire, I could just grab a couple of small boxes and save years and years worth of work quite easily.

The point is that technology is allowing us to let go of a lot of material things in our lives.  Now the task is to catch up psychologically.  I do appreciate some items that are “touchstones” to remind me of a pleasant time or place … but I don’t think I NEED as many as I thought I did.  So try this week to look around and see what you can part with.  Make your house/office more “zen” which will allow for new and fresh thoughts to come to you.  Consider how those items might benefit someone else too.  I think I’ll take a stack of books to the library now myself!

Enjoy the cleanse!

If you want your own set of cards, you can order a set from or purchase the iPad iPhone app by searching for Voice of the Soul Message Cards.


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  1. I’m finding that I am doing the same things now with advanced technology. Not only am I reading bigger books on the iPad, but reading more books. Is it our age that finds us wanting to cleanse, or growing bored?

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