Card for Week of October 24, 2011

This week we have drawn The Horse card.  This is reminding us, for one thing, not to be judgmental about the pace of things, of life, of our progress, of waiting for something to come to us.  We should never measure our progress against the progress of anyone else.  Also some projects just can’t be successfully launched before their time.

Our very best tool to decide if we should rest the horse (unfolding event) under the shade of a tree and let it graze for a while, or enjoy the thrill of a full out race, is our intuition.  Think of the variety of horses that we can experience today, from the huge Clydesdale to the miniature pony.  That is the same variety with which our events, the stories of our lives, can play out.  They can be a bigger deal than we first thought, like a giant stallion rearing up on his hind legs, or they can be hardly a whisper, like a playful little pony trotting quickly past.

So this week we are asked to try to stand back and look at the pace of things without judgement.  Then with that broader view of things, decide if there is anything we can or should do to change the pace, or decide if we should just let things unfold on their own.

Last weekend I was in Old Town and there were people there with a horse drawn carriage, giving people free rides.  The horse was HUGE, black, and beautiful.  Yet a young couple put their small child right up to it’s face as it was apparently a gentle giant.  I was in awe of such grand power and beauty, at service to humanity.  I was humbled by this awesome animal and his human companions.  How wonderful to have graceful control of such awesome power.

Enjoy your observations this week and share them if you like on this blog! We would all love to hear from you as we are all learning together.


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