Card for Week of November 15, 2011

This week we have drawn the Sail Boat card.  While the image looks like you are to float at the whim of something outside yourself (the wind), what this really encourages us to do is be flexible as we plan the events of our day.  The exercise is to practice tuning into your higher self as often as you think of it.  How you do that is up to you. For me I just sit quietly, ask for guidance that is for the highest and best good for all and for my own joy and then listen.

As an example, you may have an inspired thought to make a special effort to visit on the phone with someone on a given day.  Nice thought but as the day goes by, that persons day may be developing entanglements that would make the lack of available time to visit with you a frustration for them.  There is a time for thoughtful visiting and a time for doing activities that need to be taken care of in the moment.  So before you pick up the phone to call them, check in once again to see if it is still a good idea.  Who is guiding you?  Your own higher self.  Who benefits by your tuning in once again before making the phone call…BOTH you and your friend.  Try again tomorrow as it may be a perfect time for them to share the stress of the day before…and now perhaps they can comfortably make the time to do that. And who benefits from that?  BOTH you and your friend.

So let the winds of your soul voice guide you this week.  Them make a post and tell us all about it!

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