Card for Week of November 21, 2011

This week we have drawn the Flower Bulb card.  I am always amazed when flower bulbs, knowing that it is the right time for them, burst forth with strong stems and beautiful flowers.  They seem to draw so little from the resources around them…a little moisture, sun, and nutrients if they are in soil…and there they go!  They manifest beauty from those simple things.  The bulbs you put in water at the holidays…they are even more amazing because they use nothing but water and sunlight!  The power to manifest beauty lies within them.

They have no doubt that they can become a flower….they just do it.  Imagine if we had that kind of steady belief in ourselves and what we can create.  We don’t have to imagine great “save the world” things, because even just the most simple small things can tip the scales to the positive side on any given day.  Even a seed thought of gratitude when shared can spark a good feeling in someone, and they can pass that good feeling along to someone else…and to someone else.

The stores usually carry the bulb kits as gifts for the holidays.  Do yourself a favor and gift yourself with one….and watch in wonder as it grows and becomes a thing of beauty.

In gratitude to you all, Happy Thanksgiving!


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