Card for Week of December 19, 2011

This week we have drawn the Gratitude card.  If you look at the “Meaning” for the card, it is Awareness.  We can choose to be aware of what ever we want in our lives…the good things or the bad.  If we listen to the news, the world looks like quite a mess, and yet there are many things to be grateful for in many parts of the world.  If we place our awareness on things that we can’t control, things that are bad, it isn’t going to lift our energy.  Since we radiate our energy out to all those we encounter during the day, isn’t it better to focus on things that are good, even the smallest things.

It is as if our bodies radiate out what we are thinking about…thought radiators!  Not the specifics of the thoughts, but certainly the level of energy.  Have you ever been around someone that just brought you down…even if they didn’t say anything?  And what are they getting from you?  Light is more powerful than dark, so by radiating positive energy, you can help deflect the dark energy they are sending out.  You don’t need to “fix” them, but just know that you can benefit all those you come in contact with if you spend a minute every morning pondering all the good things that you DO have in your life!

In Gratitude, Happy Holidays!



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One response to “Card for Week of December 19, 2011

  1. Jean Pruitt

    Amen to that Robbie

    Much love

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