Card for Week of February 6, 2012

This week we have drawn the Sun Card.  This is a very special event for me and let me tell you why. First I apologize for not making a post last week.  I had a long day attending the Riverside County Board of Supervisors hearing at the Riverside Convention Center.  They had to use that space instead of their normal facilities because nearly 2,000 people attended there is so much interest.  I was signed up to speak but the time ran out so I will be speaking this morning instead.  I went to my medicine wheel this morning to pray and ask for help today.  I asked that I be totally present and be able to speak clearly from my soul.  This issue is a quarry that they want to build less than two miles directly upwind of our home.  It is such a horrific idea for so many reasons and we have been faced with opposing this project for 7 years now.  They have been very very deceitful in their marketing and it has been a growth process for me to “oppose” them without giving them my energy.  It has been a challenge.  Now it comes down to this last session and probably one more before the final decision is made.

So I made my morning prayer and came in to draw a card.  This is the card I drew!!!!!  I feel truly blessed!  I have made 100 posts now and I hope you all know that these are examples for you to learn how to interpret your own cards as you draw them.  That is the whole purpose of Voice of the Soul, not to listen to someone else but rather to learn to listen to your own voice.  In this case, you would use the draw of a card to get your message.  If you don’t have your own set and you are reading this blog, please let me know and for $15 I will send you a set.  Just email me at and give me your address.  Also you can purchase the app for your iPhone or iPad by searching the app store for Voice of the Soul Message Cards.

Now, wish me good luck today as this is for the good of all to stop this project!!!!!


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  1. Wes

    Good luck Robbie!

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