This week we have drawn the Crossing the Water card.  This one seems to require the most explanation as it is inspired by the teachings of the I-Ching and most haven’t had exposure to that.  The water represents “consciousness” that is vast and deep almost beyond understanding.  It is rich with potential and nourishment.  We spend so much of our time busy with daily life “on land” but drawing this card asks us to spend a little time pondering deeper thoughts and observations about life.  We all have philosophies/beliefs whether we are aware of them or not.  This week, if you can observe a thought you have about something, take a moment to consider WHY you have that opinion/thought…what is the philosophy behind that thought.

If you have any observations you would like to share, please do so!  We learn together friends and each one of you has something valuable to contribute.  No judgements will come from here!



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  1. Jean Pruitt

    There was a time I got this card many times a week, it seems. I named it ‘The Lady of the Lake’! I’m happy to get an explanation of it. It doesn’t come up as often lately but I did have it last week.
    We love the cards. (and you as well)!!! Jean

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