Card for Week of February 27, 2012

For this week we have drawn the Gratitude card.  Life has been challenging for many in the last few years, but the way out is by remaining grateful for what we do have…even if it is just that we have access to a glass of clean clear water.  Many in the world don’t.

I read a comment from someone recently that they noticed the people in the poorest parts of the world seem to be the most content with their lives, while we in the most abundant part of the world seem to want more and more. So the growth opportunity for us is this;  can we learn to be at peace with what we have while living in a society that has achieved a high level of material success?

I think we can.  I think we can enjoy the material comforts available to us without those things OWNING us…without a lust for more and more destroying the planet we live on.

Share your thoughts about this with us all if you like… and do enjoy your week!


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