Card for Week of March 5, 2012

This week we have drawn the Crane card.  I love this symbol.  It reminds us that we can elevate our vision by moving up into our higher selves and have a better view of what is going on around us.  It is a practical thing for the crane, as he is looking for fish for food.

So what is the advantage for us?  If we are “too close” to something, to a situation, we might miss the broader meaning.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t care or are “aloof”.  It means that you might see something that others don’t that could help solve a problem or be more successful.  The eyes are keen and open, the mind relaxed, and the attitude optimistic.

As you run into challenges this week, try to imagine yourself the crane and see if it helps you.  Practice this all week and see if you feel a shift in the way you approach things.  Then write and tell us about it!



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2 responses to “Card for Week of March 5, 2012

  1. Hi Robbie:

    In Asia, the crane is a symbol of longevity, and therefore, great good luck.


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