Card for Week of March 26, 2012

This week (and a bit late…my apologies!) we have drawn the Mountain card.  This indicates it is a great time to “get big things done”.

Our era is one of learning how we control our reality…kind of a big deal!  Drawing a card is different than intention setting, which one might think is more assertive.  Drawing a card is more a matter of learning to listen to a different voice.  It isn’t passive…not in the least.  It is just a matter of taking the time to listen to your higher voice…a voice that WANTS you to hear it.  So I guess you could say it is assertive by THAT part of you…the voice that wants to be heard.  Even so, you have to decide to make the draw and then trust that it will be good advice.  There can be resistance to doing both of those things, so you see it is an act of assertion even by your conscious self!

Oh we are so complicated aren’t we!  But isn’t it fun learning all these new avenues!  What an adventurous time!  Now go find a mountain to climb!


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