Card for Week of April 9, 2012

This week we have drawn the Turtle Card.  This means we are making steady progress and we can trust that we are being supported by the most stable energy we have available to us, that of the earth itself.  Steady as she goes.

You might consider sitting for a few minutes every day this week that you can with your feet on the ground and feel your energy connect with the energy of the earth.  It feels really good flowing up into your body.  When you have done that, then open to the energy of the sky above you, the sun and the stars…all the energy that is for the highest and best good for you and all.  Be sure always to say that part, “for the highest and best good for you and all.”  Then feel that sky energy flow into your body too!

Try to resist measuring your progress this week.  Resist saying to yourself “why am I not there yet?”  KNOW that you are getting where you want to go, becoming what you want to become, and that where you are right now and who you are right now is perfect, just perfect.

Celebrate that we have the privilege of living on this beautiful planet!

If you don’t have your own deck of cards, you can order them from the Voice of the Soul web site,, or download to your iPad or iPhone by searching for Voice of the Soul Message Cards…the price there is $1.99.  I say this because the importance of using these message cards is for your own higher self to draw your OWN message card and then sort out what the message is for you.  Always calm and balance yourself before asking a question, even if you just do the simple task of “putting the sun in your heart”.  We are all learning to communicate with our higher selves, and these message cards are just one of the may tools available to help you do that.

Meanwhile, enjoy your special connection to the earth this week!


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