Card for the Week of May 21, 2012

For this week we have drawn the Owl card.  The amazing thing about owls is that they can see deep into the dark night when hardly any other animals can.  That is his gift, and it is symbolic of a gift we all have…being able to see deep into a situation, to see the underling reasons things are working out the way they are.

If you touch into your higher self, it is like touching into you Wise Owl self.  Just take a few minutes every day and ask to hear from your oldest and dearest friend, then take the time to listen to what is said!

Once you have information that feels correct in your gut, then be wise what you do with it.  Some people may not want to hear from you about what you see.  But there are ways of gracefully sharing your observation without making them wrong and you right!  It’s not an issue of right and wrong, or being smarter or less smart.  It is a matter of getting information from your highest source and then sharing it as a gift where it is well received.

And do have a hoot of a time while doing it!


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