Card for Week of June 11, 2012

Well I am sorry this card is late this week, again, but I guess I have been dealing with some  “changing energies” myself!  Our card is Stormy Sky and it means that energies are shifting around…as we can see by what is going on in our whole world!  I don’t know how to measure this, but it SEEMS like there is more conflict going on in the world than “normal”.  So what do we do in times like this?  Know that it will pass.  Know that energies are re-arranging themselves to a new world order, one that will be more peaceful and mutually respectful.  Really that is what is going on.  It is not the “end of the world”, it is the time of shift to a new world that is more supportive of life.  This week, do what you can to remind yourself that life goes on, and even prospers.  I walked outside this morning and my yard is full of flowers and birds nesting…making more baby birds.  By you focusing on what is beautiful and good around you, you CAN and WILL help turn the tide of these energies as they shift to a more positive place.  You can and do make a difference.  Most of us have not been taught that, so it is hard to believe, but we are entering an era where our thoughts have more power because of the energy they send out…into the storm this week!  Focus not on the storm, but on the rainbow that is sure to follow.  That is the balance of things.  They go back and forth.  Always have, always will.

Now, go look at something beautiful, appreciate it, and share that thought/feeling from your heart with the rest of the entire world!  They need it!


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