Message for Week of June 18, 2012

This week rather than drawing a card I want to share a message I got about judging people.  This is an illustration I did more than 10 years ago, showing that if you are pointing your finger at someone in an accusing way, look at the negative energy that is coming back at you with your other three fingers!  Three times as much!  This is something I have understood and known for years, but still find myself  “judging” others on a regular basis!  Sometimes it takes longer than we would like to put these kind of beliefs into action in our lives, but it is most important to not judge ourselves about how long it takes!!!!  then you have ALL the fingers pointing negative energy at yourself!!!!  OUCH!

Our job in these challenging times is to keep our own energy level as high as possible.  Wasting time on blame and judgment takes away that precious energy.  The opposite of judgement is gratitude…so for this week, if you happen to catch yourself in “judgement”…stop and look around yourself for something to be grateful for….then up goes the energy!  Thank you in advance for sharing your positive energy with us all!


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