Card for Week of June 25, 2012

This week we have drawn the Turtle card.  Oh this is so perfect!  My dear friend Jean sent me a link to a video about the agricultural poisoning that is going on in Hawaii….large, very large scale.  Monsanto, Dow, and companies like that have for years been genetically engineering crops there so they can resist the poison of pesticides…and in doing so are poisoning the islands and of course the waters around.  So I am faced with my old dilemma…how to push against something without giving it energy!!!!  On a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, while snorkeling we spent a good deal of time floating above a beautiful large turtle that was eating below us on the reef…not bothered by us at all.  It was one of those remarkable experiences one never forgets.  So I watched the video (it is long, 43 minutes of your life!) and was amazed at how many people are working to change this situation.  They are being positive.  I believe they will change this, now that the light of day is shining on the situation.

So, I support them and in turn, the magnificent turtles that live around those islands.  Turtles have lived on the earth longer than birds and mammals…so I envision that they will survive this “out of balance” period of time with mankind.  Watch the video in segments if you can fit in 10 minutes here and there, and then decide how you can use this information in a positive way to protect these beautiful islands!! <;feature=player_embedded#%21>


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