Card for July 2, 2012

This week we have lovingly drawn the Loving Heart Card!  The meaning of this card is forgiveness…forgiving yourself and others.  We all make mistakes…that is the “process” of being human…that is how we learn.  So to forgive as quickly as possible is to progress as quickly as possible.  And it feels all warm and fuzzy, where as anger and resentment feel like painful barbs inside the body…because they are energetically.

We think we are protecting ourselves when we hold anger for being mistreated in some way…but it is not protection at all.  That anger then owns a little piece of us, deep inside.  The only way to prevent the same thing from happening inside ourselves again, is to let it go, let it heal…let your body say “I guess I don’t need THAT experience again.”

When you truly forgive, you won’t repeat painful experiences.  Now, give yourself a big hug and think of someone or something to forgive and see how it feels to really let go…feel what part of your body really relaxes.  Enjoy it!  And have a great week celebrating independence from at least one old resentment!


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