For this week of July 9, 2012, I am asking that you think about whales and dolphins and connect with them in a way that supports them.  There is a petition going around to stop the Navy from using sonar that kills and deafens them by the thousands.  Let’s visualize that they find another way to do that testing, to keep us as humans safe, that doesn’t cause so much pain.  They want to turn over 500,000 signatures to the  US Navy tomorrow, and as of today they have 410,00.  For this action, go here:

Also, there is a special channeling session that was recorded of Adironnda on 7/7/12 in Santa Cruz.  They are calling us to meditate on the whales for the next 30 days.  They have offered to let us share this session with our friends…so to hear this, go to

Whale Call (Must be exact – copy and paste)

Share your experiences with us on the blog!



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  1. Margie Brittain

    would love to share with you but the link isn’t working for me…..
    will focus on the whales

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