Card for Week of September 17, 2012

This week we have drawn one of my most favorite cards, The Turtle card.  It helps make me feel better that I was slow to make the post this week!  What it teaches us is that we MUST trust our progress at all times.  It reminds me too of another message I received this week in meditation.  I had worked on designing a wonderful book about a subject near and dear to me for 10 months.  When it arrived in print form, the printing itself is beautiful, but the binding in the center of the book took up so much space that the text is too close to the spine.  So for a few days I was upset with myself for not knowing that would happen.  I had even sent test files to the printer in Canada and they said nothing about it.  But after a few days I heard this clear voice in my head “The project does not define you.  It is not who you are.”  Wow…that was a little hard to accept but I believe it is the truth.  Every project like that is a team effort so all involved make it happen correctly.  So the control freak in me had to turn it over to the Universe and let it go!

So trust the progress you are making in any area of your life and take measure of the enduring value of your actions.  That’s what the card says to all of us this week!

Keep in mind that if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can get your very own set of cards and get answers from your own higher self directly.  Just go to the App store and search for Voice of the Soul Message Cards and you can purchase for only $1.99!  You can have the physical set too by ordering from the web site,  Check in there in about a month and you will see lots of new goodies I will be adding soon!
Have a great week and LOVE your progress friends!


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