Card for Week of September 24, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if I am just drawing cards for me or for all of us!  Today is one of those days.  I just drew the Lush Green Grass card that carries the meaning “Success”.  This was just after arriving home from the County Board of Supervisors meeting at which we had another setback in stopping the quarry they want to dig here.  We have worked on stopping this project for 7 years.  All the arguments against this project at this location are so sound that it baffles the mind.  The planning commission rejected the project.  The supervisors denied the permit.  Then for some reason they came back at the next meeting and certified the faulty Environmental Impact Report.  Then today they voted to add surface mining to projects that can be fast-tracked….no planning commission, no review, just these five people giving a thumbs up or down!!!!!  Of course the quarry people have already reapplied and now they will apply for fast-tracking.

So I just drove home thinking we have failed and I drew the card of success!!!!! I saw the beautiful mountain in my back yard before I drew the card and told her she was protected…and she is.  It really doesn’t feel like she will ever be blasted to pieces, so this card reminds me that until shovel hits dirt, we have succeeded!  Today just means there is more work to do.  We are looking into seceding from the HUGE County of Riverside and forming our own. So I will pull out a map, start drawing some lines, and start thinking of a name.  Fun huh! Success huh!

Life really is just what we MAKE of it!



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2 responses to “Card for Week of September 24, 2012

  1. Wess Smith

    So true. Oh, by the way, I read All your posts.


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